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Sonic and Tails, Hide and seek.

Notes: This is an AU, there’s so many different Sonic-Verses out there that I thought it would be easer to simply make my own. It’s heavily influenced by ‘Sonic The Comic’ along with a few things from other ‘verses. (Like the eventual appearance of Uncle Chuck and Manic, I love those guys. XD )

Game :
Hide and seek
Title : Meeting Tails
Word count :564
Rating : G

As a rule hedgehogs are grumpy beings that could take friends or leave them. They weren’t particularly afraid of anything, even when they really should be, they couldn’t swim and weren’t particularly fast.

Sonic was incredibly fast and was more often lazy and chilled than grumpy, Other wise everything above still held true.

After all he may be blue and cool but he was still a hedgehog, a hedgehog that had saved the world from his own best friend when he had gone mad and bad in the same explosion that had changed him, and right now he a hedgehog who above all else wanted to be left alone.

He glanced over his shoulder to see that the other hedgehog, her quills dyed pink and held back with a red hair band. She wasn’t fast but she made up for it in tenacity, she should have been born a pit-bull.

Between her crushing on him and the humans wanting to put him on parade he had had enough. He turned towards the bad side of town hoping that would put her off but having his doubts, and if he started running full speed he’d have everyone in the town after him. It was only because every other hedgehog in this town had dyed themselves stupid colours, including his supersonic blue, that no one else had recognised him.

He dove under some boxes, only releasing afterwards when he saw the pair of blue eyes looking at him, that he had just dive-bombed some homeless kid’s den.


“Sonic! Sonic!”

The homeless kid shuffled around under the mound of cardboard. He saw one fox tail, then another, before more sunlight came though the hole the foxes had made in the rubble.

Damn two cubs, I just demolished the home of two cubs.

“Oh hello little guy, have you seen a blue hedgehog run past here?”

“Yeah.” The fox muttered and sonic cringed. “He ran past her so fast the wind knocked my house down.”


“Oh no…now I guess I’ll never catch him.” Amy sighed. “Here, buy yourself a hot meal.”

“Thank you Miss.”

Once the female hedgehog had gone Sonic pulled himself out from the mess of cardboard.

“Wow, thanks little dude I owe you one…hey where’s your buddy? I thought there were two of you.”

The fox shook his head. “Just me and my extra tail.”

The fox waged both tails into view and Sonic whistled. “I’ve never seen a fox with two tails before.”

“I’d never seen a blue hedgehog before, at least not until last week and then I saw hedgehogs of all kinds of colours.”

Sonic rolled his eyes. “Tell me about it. I just can’t wait to go - ”

Sonic cut off the end of that sentence, he could have gone home days ago, the only reason he hadn’t was because he hadn’t wanted to go home to that empty lab where old carrot mush had taken him home when he had just be an homeless pup with no memory before everything got tossed down the drain.

He also didn’t want to talk bout his home when this painfully thin little cub was eagerly counting the change that the girl hedgehog had given him.

“Hey kid, what’s your name?”


“I’m Sonic, I’ve got plenty of chilly dogs at home and you look way to thin, you want some?”

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