Prowler-Wolf (the_shy_wolf) wrote in 30_games,

Game: Kick the Can
Title: Engine Trouble
Word count: 883
Rating: PG,

Sonic screeched to a stop in the woods just outside capital city. Tails collapsed to his knees gasping for breath.


            “Sorry about that little guy.” Sonic said sitting next to him. “Never thought being a celebrity would be such a drag.”


            “Didn’t realise you could run that fast.” Tails panted. “How can you do it?”


Sonic shook his head.


With explosions and rings and emeralds and days of fire and rage and not remembering what happened at all other than the painful fact that carrot mush is gone and HE is there instead.


 “It’s a long story.” He sighed.


            “You’ll have plenty of time to tell him in the cell I’ve made for you.” Said a nasty voice from behind tem


Tails eeped and hid behind Sonic.


            “Well you’re looking pretty happy considering I broke all your toys last week.” Sonic said as he turned to the fat man hovering in some tin can of a machine above them. “Really wish I could stay and play with you but I promised this guy a warm meal so-”


Sonic grabbed Tails and vanished. Leaving a shouted; “Later walrus-mush!” in his wake.


Robotnik fumed and cursed, when Sonic had gone crashing past him without even seeing him, he thought he had a chance to grab him, or at least that odd little fur-ball he had with him.


What in the world was a hedgehog doing spending time with a fox anyway?


But before the human could wonder why he even cared the engine on his repaired egg-o-matic blew with a bang and a face full of ash, forcing him to land the thing while he tried to repair it, again.


Damn Hedgehog.


What Robotnik didn’t know was that the Hedgehog and the fox hadn’t gone very far.


            “If we could just catch him before he can set whatever plan he had back into motion.”


            “M-maybe we should run back to the city and tell the police, or the a-army?”


            “They couldn’t stop him last time.” Sonic muttered. “And he’ll be gone the second he hears the sonic boom.”


            “M-maybe I can distract him.”


            “Don’t even thin-”


But Tails was already jumping down from the tree Sonic had hidden them in.


            “Hey! Hey you…you…er…big fatty!”


Up in the tree Sonic slapped a hand to his face.


            “Oh that’s imaginative.” Robotnik groused tossing his spanner into the broken down vehicle. “I don’t need a vehicle to catch a wannabe like you.”


The fox took of pretty quick which was a good thing because Robotnik was quicker than anyone would expect a man of that girth to be.


Sonic jumped down from the tree ready to spin dash the machine until it was beyond repair…

…Only for him to bounce of a shield and a klaxon to start blaring.




            “HELP SONIC!”


Abandoning the egg-o-matic Sonic ran in the direction of Tails cry. Tackling Robotnik from behind, he dropped Tails who ran into the bushes and vanished.


            “Enough of this Robonik!” Sonic snarled.

Robotnik kicked Sonic off him, but the hedgehog was back on his feet in less time it took to blink.


In the distance the klaxon still wailed.


            “Indeed Sonic enough of this fighting…we were friends once-”


            “That was before you decided to enslave everyone!” Sonic cut him off. “We aren’t friends anymore.”


            “A pity, that explosion changed you.”


            “It changed you far more than it changed me Walrus-mush.”


The klaxon cut off.


            “Oh dear.” Robotnik said is a sickly sweet voice. “I hope your little friend isn’t trying to tamper with my egg-o-matic. It’s set to blow up if anyone but I climbs into the cockpit.


Sonic ground his teeth he knew that Robotnik was going to use this chance to escape again, but Tails was only in this mess because if him.


Sonic ran back the way he had come.


Robotnik grinned and followed at an almost leisurely pace.


Sonic found Tails head down in the cockpit of the egg-o-matic his tails idly flicking in the air.


            “Tails we go to go, that thing’s rigged to blow.”


            “Oh I’ve already taken care of that.” Tails voice drifted up from the machine, and now Sonic noticed wires littering the ground around it. “Just a little longer and this thing will never fly again.”


            “WHAT!” Robotnik shouted as he broke though the bushes from which he had been hoping to watch the explosion.


Sonic smirked.

            “Well what do you know robot butt, we don’t go boom today after all.”


            “Maybe so, but I can still have the satisfaction of killing you.” Robotnik snarled pulling out a gun.


A streak of blue light and the gun broke apart in his hand.


            “You were saying?” Sonic smirked.


In the distance sirens could be heard.


            “I also used the radio to call the police.”


            “Way to go Tails!” Sonic grinned.


Robotnik growled and pressed a button on his belt. The Egg-o-matic ejected Tails who landed on the ground next to it with an ‘oof!’

It then sped to Robotnik who tried to get into the machine to escape, only when he did it thudded into the ground and blew up.


Tails looked at the ash covered Robotnik, just as the police showed up he turned to sonic.

“Can I have those chilli dogs you promised now? I’m really hungry.”

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