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30_games's Journal

Fanfic challenge community for your inner child
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This challenge community is dedicated to games. Those mainly of the kind played in playgrounds. The idea of the challenge is, you pick a fandom or specific character/pair/threesome/group and write fanfics/poems/sonnets/plays/whatever takes your fancy and write them in some senario involving said game. You can write any take on the game you like, so if you want to write Fred Weasley playing Noughts and Crosses with a centuar, that's fine. Equally if you want to write it in a way that involves Fred Weasley playing noughts and crosses with a centuar that ends out like a game of strip poker, that's fine too.


1. Comment here to make a claim or see if your chosen claim is taken.

2. Do not post until your claim has been accepted.

3. Please put all fics behind a cut, rate them accordingly and put in the title the fandom and/or characters you've claimed and which theme it is.

4.Once you've finished your claim, post here

5. Play nice. No flaming or bad mouthing other members please.

6. R and NC-17 rated fics must be placed under a cut - no exceptions.

7. Writer's choice is just that, but try to make them game related somehow. Go mad, do an internet search on obscure games and see what ideas it gives you.

Most games are probably well known enough and others are pretty self explanatory, but I've put links to explain some of them and there will be more to follow. Just click on the game name.

001.Tag/It. 002.Kiss-Chase. 003.Kick-the-can. 004.Hopscotch. 005.Hide and Seek.
006.Skipping. 007.Marbles. 008.British Bulldog. 009.Dodge ball. 010.Bulldog Version 2.
011.Spinning Tops. 012.Garden Chess. 013.Noughts and Crosses. 014.Sardines. 015.Blindman's Buff.
016.WallBall. 017.40/40. 018.Ring a Roses. 019.Oranges and Lemons. 020.Conkers.
021.Writer's choice. 022.Writer's choice. 023.Writer's choice. 024.Writer's choice. 025.Writer's choice.
026.Writer's choice. 027.Writer's choice. 028.Writer's choice. 029.Writer's choice. 030.Writer's choice.