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Soinic and Tails, writers choice: Duck Duck Goose

Game: Duck Duck Goose
Title: Hedgehog, Hedgehog, Blue Hedgehog
Word count: 275
Rating: G
Notes : This is one of my ten writers choice topics, The game I’ve based it on is actually a variation called Duck Duck Grey Duck (Hence the title). The variation I used to play in my infant’s school was the one called rag tag.
Here’s what Wiki has to say about the game.

“Look I have just about had it up to here with you damn teenagers and your stupid dyed quills.” The café owner shouted at the pair when Sonic tried to order himself and Tails some food. “It’s bad enough with you stupid pink, purple and green hedgehogs but now the foxes are getting in on this idiocy! Two tails indeed.”

“But they’re real!” Tails whined.

“That makes you an even bigger freak than I first thought then doesn’t it?” The Café owner glared at Sonic. “And you wannabe couldn’t you come up with something more original that blue?

“That’s it.” Sonic snapped. “So much for grabbing a quick snack before I take you home, give me your hand Tails.”

The little fox agreed, then he blinked and grabbed into the goggles hanging around his neck with his other hand when he realised what the hedgehog was going to do.

Sonic ran around the café using his momentum so he could actually run on the walls, he ran just fast enough for the napkins the fly around the room, and for a plate or two to fall to the floor, but not enough to cause any real damage before blasting though the doors and bombing down the main road outside, much to the shock of drivers that started honking at the blue and orange streak.

As the doors swung shut again, one of the customers looked out from under the table he had ducked under and stared at the café owner.

Dude, you just refused service to the real Sonic the Hedgehog.”

When the café owner didn’t respond the customer reached over and closed his beak.

Challenge Table is here
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